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Surf schools and camps Blog - this is surf camps and schools around the world. Our professional team always search new places, but for you we offer the best. We have a big experience in a surf, teaching and travels. We will help you to find the best place if you never try surf or if you are advanced, if you travel alone, group or with family. 

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- booking best surf schools and camps around the world
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Surf camps and schools:

Surfing in Spain 

   Surfcamp in Spain located on a north of the country, wich called Asturias. School has own surf camp and offer full board accommodation.  The place for surfing and lessons is big and beautiful beach - Rodiles and Espana, so you can choose, were to go, every day. Surf season from april to october. Surf lessons are in English and Spain. Here also you can learn how to shape and repair surfboards, and after two weeks, go back home with your custom board.

Surfing in Portugal 

   Surf camp in Portugal located in a south part, called Algarve. Climate of this region always more warmer than in other part of the country. Camp of the school located near city - Sagres in a small quiet town village. The base of the school on a Praya do Amado, really big and beautifull beach. Surf lessons are in English, Portugese and Spain. Surf season here, all year round, but for beginners best time from april to october, this time water more warmer and waves are smaller.


Surfing in Marocco 

   Surf camp in Marocco located in a south part of the kingdom, in a town Tamrat. Here is the real mecca for surfers from all of the world during the winter months. Surf school working all year. Marocco is the most European country on a African continent. Really big choose of the spots for all level surfers is a great option for travels near surf camp, best local guids show you all coast line and find the best wave for you.  Surf lessons are in English, Portugese, French and Spain.


Surfing in Canary Islands 

  Surf Camp in Canary Islands located on island Lanzarote. Here is really god place for surf, its why Canary called like "European Hawaii".  Surf lessons are in English, German, Russian and Spain. Surf camp working all year. Lanzarote is more cheaper than the other islands. School locaited on a Famara beach and offer you surf and yoga lessons.

Surfing in Dominican Republic 

   Surf camp in Dominican Republic located on a north coast, near city Rio San Juan. Place of the school is a privat residence on a cliff under the ocean. Surf lessons are in English, Russian and Spain. Surf camp working all year. The greats options of the place is the ocean viev accommodation and really uncrowded surf spots for diferent levels of surfers.


Surfing in Maldives

   Surf camp in Maldives located on island Hura, not really far from Male, capital of the country. North atoll - is the real mecca of Maldives surfing. During the summer time here coming world class waves, for different surfing levels. During the time you can surf ass much ass you can, surf boat transfer will bring you to the best surf spotsCamp also offer different excursions for non surfing guests. The underwater life of Maldives islands in top 5 world diving spots.

Surfing in Mexico

   Surf camps in Mexico located in two really different places. The first one is in town Puerto Escondido, were the most famous wave in country - Zicatela, Mexican Pipeline. Another place is located in town Sayulita more to the north. Its two really different places for any budget. The Mexican surf camps offer not only surfing, they oranize spanish lessons and some excursion programs. Another different thing - is season of big waves there, in Puerto Escondido is summer time, in Sayulita is winter time. For beginners its all year round and the water is here all the time is warm. 

Surfing in Ecuador

  Surf camp in Ecuador located in Montanita city, 2 hours from Guayaquil, economical center of the country. Montanita is the center of surf life of Ecuador surfing. During the winter time from september till may here coming world class waves, for different surfing levels. Water and air always warm here, because coutry is on equator line. Just during the summer month here locals winds, that time good only for beginners. Camp also offer custom and shape design balsa surf board, short, fun, fish or long boards available. 

Surfing in Peru

 Surf camp in Peru located in Punta Hermosa, small town just in one hour from Lima. Surf camp make also 4 days trips in Machupicchu. In a school of a camp you can choose surf or spanish lessons. Peru is really famous in the world by longest waves, especially left point breaks. Around camp house in 20 minutes driving by car 40 surf spots with world class breaks. During summer time form september till april water in pacific is warm. 

Surfing in Australia

 Surf camp in Australia located in Kingsliff near Coolangata and Gold Cost towns. The Surf school in Australia is the world's first facility dedicated to the development of elite surfers and coaches. The surf school will be at the forefront of sports science and coaching development for surfing and ensure Australia maintains its place as a world leader in the sport. 

Surfing in Costa Rica

 Surf camp in Costa Rica working all year. Season of big waves here from may to september. The rest months is usually less size nut still good for surf. The school has a camp with is locaited right in town Tamarindo in front of the surf spot. Every evening you can watch beautiful sunsets. The school offer variety of activitie tours such as zip line, hikes, bike trips, rafting, etc. Air and water temperature here is 27 degrees all year round.