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Here we publish reviews of people who went to ride with Surf Holidays and shared their experiences in our group in Facebook or in their blogs.



Hello surfers and those who have not yet tried this unforgettable sport!

I want to start with the most important, thank you for the help of my travel and training, the organizers are:, Sergei Rasshivaeva, Tanya Rasshivaevu, Zhenicha, Shu, and the most progressive surfer in Russia Felix Pak!
My journey on this fabulous island lasted exactly 20 days. During this time I experienced the most unexpected sensation from riding on the surf! We traveled a lot of the guys spots and on each of them has its own wave, to which we must get used to and feel it with him. I was taught how to choose a wave, how to catch it, etc. And when I was covered 2.3 meter waves and tossed in stiralke, then at that point I realized that this was a sport for those who really want to experience the same extreme at which he arrived in the Dominican Republic. After a morning workout, we went to dinner, and after that we walked to the cliff about 12 meters above sea level and jumped into the ocean with this insane heights, we received a strong dose of adrenaline, that after 2-3 hours are still under the impressions! In general, I am very pleased that island and dream to return there as soon as possible, but I'll be back there in any case! So, who else in this tale of extreme not visited, I advise you as soon as possible to collect things and to take off there on the first flight.
I want to draw attention to those men who goes there without his life partner. There mulattos so attractive and beautiful, that simply losing my head! They are very fond of tourists and would do practically anything!

Fedosio Kirilov 06.12.09


Returned from Portugal, wanted to thank for their help in the organization. Well rested, learn, get a tan, met wonderful people. Now I want more, and quickly)))

Irina Ptitsyn, 02.11.09



.... I, as an expert on skating at all, jumped on the very first wave, and sped toward the coast, catching the admiring glances fans. After the first day of training did not hurt, the mood was good and cheap beer on the beach .... ...... Feel the force of the ocean: priceless ......

Sergei Degterev, 08.09.09




Impressions are very nice, really want back to Portugal, to the ocean and surf)))) to describe in words what you experience being in the waves, rising to surf, it is impossible ....
If there is paradise on earth, it is there)))

Olga Shklyaruk, 09.07.09



We were in Portugal in early June! My girlfriend - from the state, traveled through Europe and then come to us in Rapozeyru, said that such appeasement is not anywhere!
Dinner at the surf house - is a fairy tale! Mother of Samuel trains at all, then you can open a bottle of very young green wine or a sweet port wine and a long chat with the guys, the same as you start to surfers in different languages - at all what to remember! the atmosphere is always warm. Evening pul.Prosolenny air, warm breeze from the ocean .. and immediately the gate cozy Portuguese landscape!
The morning breakfast - then 15 minutes on a winding, but a good road and you're already on the beach. Local krutany already sitting under the flags, then the wave is now well! Warm up and now finally you are back in the water. Are fighting with the waves, waiting for a suitable, jump on board, ice cleaning ... and one-two-three)) yes! wave of yours! and immediately - approving shouts of different languages around you, whistling and approving smile instructor .. A week had the feeling that we were always so, rather, that the way it should always live!)
This is freedom!

Sasha Kutueva, 05.07.09



...Nothing will replace to me ocean breath...

Dana Andreeva, 25.05.09




Guys, I fell in love with Portugal!
Very grateful to Sergei Rasshivaevu, as he invited me to this wonderful journey.
From his childhood dream to see the ocean. And very happy to see it precisely in the Algarve.
Brought a lot of photos, impressions and even skill.
Place, where the surf school, perfect for beginners and advanced surfers. I did not miss a single lesson, we had wonderful teachers, and each lesson has been very fun and interesting.
In the breaks between sessions were sunbathing, so back chocolate.
Even the residents of Portugal are very measured and calm way of life, probably why they are very friendly and kind.
Very different from my report to the European life.
Just got back and had already begun to think how and when to go back.
Now is the bright idea of paradise - a life in Portugal.

Anastasiya Vinogradova, 19.05.2009



Thus, all fast in Portugal ...)))
If you go you will not regret ...))) arrived yesterday, I think understand that I am not home soon))) Impressions most diverse, ranging from good to super)))
At first doubted that the trip something very surprised prosharenny my brain, but it happened)))
Standing on the shore of the ocean, you realize that all problems are nothing in comparison with its grandeur and splendor ,,,)))))

Alexander Bekrenev, 14.05.09



The most that on is excellent. I want more. Feel at ease, free. English older generation does not recognize. Tangerines, lemons and mushmala grows virtually free, we can only arm's reach. Nature is very diverse, so I advise to take the car and drive around the country. In the mountains, so in general tale chase.
I think my trip was not the last.

Jaroslav Potapov, 12.05.09



Third day in St. Petersburg after the trip. Until now, I can not get over, go back to the old rhythm of life. Portugal great country. There really an unforgettable atmosphere. But to understand it was necessary to spend a week, to communicate with different people, and then look at Spain, Germany and Finland. And then have all my heart pulls in the Algarve ....
Good luck to all who will be there ... one night =)

Alex Shchelkov, 11.05.09

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