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Kamchatka surf trip. Russia 2013. Teaser.


Kamchatka surf trip. Russia 2013. Teaser.

We are now in Kamchatka (Russia), were we make short movie about travels & surfing. Few days ago we show for the public teaser. We make that by our profile in Instagram (@surfholidays). For those who don`t seen it yet we public it in our blog. Enjoy!

Comrades! We are and our friends @kokorevk Konstantin Kokorev & @snow_surf_school_snowave Anton Morozov make film about #surfing on #Kamchatka, Russia. Discover new spots in #Russia. Enjoy teaser! Video will be soon. Follow us in instagram - @surfholidays. If you like that make repost and press like! Support Russian surfing!

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