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Surf video about trip to Kamchatka, Russia.


Surf video about trip to Kamchatka, Russia.

We are with the friends surfers went to Kamchatka in september - october of 2013. There we were met by the stunning beauty of nature. Volcanoes was just covered with snow, and the water in the Pacific Ocean did not exceed +4 degrees celsium. I was not a big problem, saved nice warm wetsuits.There were different waves, sometimes big, sometimes small. Our constant companions were wild animals, both in the water and on shore. Unusual experience was freshly caught fish, fried grilled right on the beach. And of course the world class surfing. All of this is Kamchatka!
Surfers: Konstantin Kokorev, Anton Morozov, Sergey Rasshivaev.
Video: Konstantin Kokorev, Dasha Kokoreva, Miha Moroz.

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