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What you need in a trip?

If you are not very experienced in traveling you need to know what really need in surf trips. If you use that's simple advices, you can travel with gust one bag pack.

What you really need in a trip:

Wear some pants, light sport boots. 
Warm jersey or sweater.
Sport jacket for autumn or spring, not business style)))   
Don't take to much white clothing.
With you 3 t - shirts and 1 on you.
Board shorts.
Beach slippers.
For girls - bikini.
Small towel.
Sun block with maximum protection, for lips, face, body.
Camera, photo camera.
Sun glasses.
Bathrooms appliances.
Personal medic pack. 
Passport, money, credit card, insurance.

In a plain cabin luggage you cant take liquids. Only if it's less than 100 ml.  

P.S. Really important take with you fun and positive!


Rasshivaev Sergey

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