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Surf Corner Italy. Issue about Russia and Italy. 15.05.2014 Surf Corner Italy. Issue about Russia and Italy.

My name is Sergey Rasshivaev. Im from Russia most beautiful city Saint Petersburg. Wich was build by Italian architects. Im surfer and traveller and this is what I love to do the most in my life. I start surfing in 2007 it was Algarve. Since that my live was change a lot. Than after one year I run my project Travel project and blog about surfing. 

New destination Costa Rica. 27.10.2013 New destination Costa Rica.
Our new destination is country in Central America - Costa Rica. That place famous because of consistent waves and free latin live. That place is training ground for many European surf teams. Season here is all year round. 

New destination - Australia! 12.06.2013 New destination - Australia!
We really proud represent new destination - Australia! This is only one surf camp in the world where you can train till professional level. School is locaited near Gold Coast town.

New Year in Portugal from 350 Euro 21.11.2012 New Year in Portugal from 350 Euro

SPECIAL NEW YEAR SURFCAMP (Dec/27 > Jan/03) book now!

New destination PERU 29.09.2012 New destination PERU
Another destination in south america is mecca of longest lefts waves in the world - PERU!

New destination - ECUADOR! 29.07.2012 New destination - ECUADOR!
We open new destination again, now is Ecuador. Not really famous country, but with perfect waves in warm Pacific water.

New destination - MEXICO! 12.06.2012 New destination - MEXICO!
We are open one new destination, but is two option by places and camps. You can choose by your budget. Its not just new country its new continent - North America and new ocean - Pacific. Welcome in our new Mexican surf camps.

- 50% for Maldives surf camp 06.04.2012 - 50% for Maldives surf camp
Our surf camp in a Maldives ilands make great offer for this summer season 2012. We change the price from 230 $ per person on 230 $ for room (max 2 persons). 

New destination - Maldives! New destination - Maldives!
Our team was checked the new destination - its Maldives.

Surf profile Surf profile
Fimed in Dominican Republic

New continent Africa New continent Africa
We offer new continent - Africa. Like always we was there find best places for your surf holidays. 

First Russian surf movie. First Russian surf movie.
First Russian professional surf movie

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