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Surf Corner Italy. Issue about Russia and Italy.


Surf Corner Italy. Issue about Russia and Italy.

Can you please introduce you telling us something about you, who you are, where are you from, where do you live, when did you start surfing etc…?

My name is Sergey Rasshivaev. Im from Russia most beautiful city Saint Petersburg. Wich was build by Italian architects. Im surfer and traveller and this is what I love to do the most in my life. I start surfing in 2007 it was Algarve. Since that my live was change a lot. Than after one year I run my project Travel project and blog about surfing. 

What were you doing before start surfing? 

I was working in a board shop. Skate and snowboard shop. I was training manager and director of two shops in Saint Petersburg. 

Are you a pro surfer? There are many pro surfers in Russia? 

Yes Im. My sponsors is Quiksilver, Oakley, Gorilla energy drink and FireWire surfboards. Not many in Russia, but we have few. 

Do you have surf shops? How many and where the most? 

For now we have few in Moscow ( and quicksilver boardriders) and in Sant Petersburg (WSGS and Kahuna on line shop), one in Vladivostok (bs-checkpoint) and one now opened in Kamchatka. 

Are there many surfers in general in Russia? 

For now its growing fast. We have people who start to surf in Russia and even never try surfing outside the country. But most of population is the people who try surfing In Bali or Europe or Dominican Republic etc. I think its around few thousand surfers in Russia. 

When did surfing appear in Russia, who are the first surfers there? How is it growing the local scene? 

Its difficult to say who was the first. But people start trying to surf in Russia in 90s, then around early 00s start first Russian surf schools in the Dominican Republic. But really start growing last three or five years maximum. And now local scene make huge steps each year from 3-5 surfers three years ago, now its 30-40 people on the spot. Also what I like the most is the people who start surf in local waves and now they on a small boards and with ok level. That’s so cool. Wish I know about this opportunity to surf in home more earlier. It was no internet and we don’t have information, now all is more easier and its why its growing in the all world. 

Do you have a surfing federation? Do you make championship or competition there? 

Yes we have federation about 4 years. And this year we will start Russian Surf Tour. This is will be really cool. Included five spots around Russia - Vladivostok, Kamchatka, Sochi, Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad. 

Do you have magazines? 

No, some people try to do that in the internet version, but it was not long. 

Which are the best surf zone di go surfing in Russia? 

Its Kamchatka for sure! Dream place with world class breaks and insane views of volcano’s. 

Have you been surfing there a lot? When is the best time to go there? 

Yes I surf there spend one month there. The best time is autumn I think. Because waves already like in winter, but temperature of air like summer. But Water is cold anyway. 

Do you have many surf spot? Do you have many coasts to still explore? Is it crowded? 

Its almost uncrowded everywhere and so many potential for explore. For now we have 5 active surfing regions and each one have around 5-7 places to surf. 

What are the names of these regions? 

This is from west to east – Kaliningrad, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Vladivostok, Kamchatka. We also have another places, but there is no surf community for now and people may be just try to surf few times. 

Where do you go surfing usually? What’s your homespot? How many spot and what kind of spot do you have (beach break, reef etc.)? 

Usually I surf somewhere in the world. But when I in home, I always surf on my home spot in Saint Petersburg. Name of this Flotskiy cape. We have there beach break and some points. My favorite its west Flotskiy, point break under the stones. 

Which suggestion would you do if an italian surfer would want to come surfing in Russia? Which kind of gear to bring? Is it really cold? Which wetsuit? 

Depend the time and the place. Russia its huge) My best tip its to contact me and ask. But seriously during the summer its 3/2 or no suit. In the spring or autumn 5 or 6 mm. Will be the best. Some places really cold, some not. 

Recently you made a trip to Sardegna, was it your first time? How were the waves? Did you come looking at forecast or just blind and scored? What can you tell us about the trip? 

It was the first time in Italy, but I was thinking about it so long. But the trip was insane and all goes super well. Its start from easy Italian visa for 2 years (so will come again), then I check forecast and it was good swell on a map. Best conditions I decide will be in Sardigna. I send mail in Is Benas surf club, they confirm me places in a camp and what swell will be good. Just around 5 hors of flight I landed in Cagliari airport and the first what I was seeing was the rainbow. So than moment I understand what my trip will be epic. 

How did you know about Sardegna? Did you see its waves on the web or somewhere else? 

My first time I know about Italy surfing from video of Marlon Lipke. And after that video idea to come was in my head. 

What did you like the most? Where have you been? Which spot did you surf? How long was your trip? 

Its difficult to say what I like the most. I can say few things. People are so good there I feel like they my old friends. Waves was insane. Views and water really beautiful. And for sure food! So how I say dream surf trip I cant still even believe all was true there. 
I surf Capo Mano mainly, and also few sessions on a Santa Catarina. Was really fun and nice waves. I spend one week there, one dream week. 

How was the local surfers did you encounter? 

The really friendly and how I say I feel like my old friends. Want to thanks all Sardigna surfers to share your waves with me. And special thanks for my new friends from Is Benas Surf Club. You are awesome guys. 

Do you know many spots from Italy or just Sardinia? Have been somewhere else around? 

No, I was thinking about to surf in main land but it was flat. So I just spend my last 4 days in Italy hanging around the Rome. 

Where did you get the best waves? 

It was Mini Capo, one day I surf there 3 sessions. 

What do you think of italian waves compared to Russia? Are they similar? Which kind of swells frequency do you have there? 

No, they different . Its like in a middle of Kamchatka and Sochi. Not so perfect like in Pacific ocean, but better than Black sea. Actually they are the best what I seen in not ocean waves. 

Why did you choose Sardinia? What did you know about it? 

I choose because of the swell and then all goes so well. So, Im happy to make that decision. 

Are you traveling a lot? 

Yes, its my life. I spend 90% of the time in the travels. 

Which are your favorite places to surf in the world? Where have you been? 

My favorite places its Dominican Republic and Kamchatka, if you ask about surfing. Because few reasons like uncrowded, quality of the waves and beautiful of the nature. 
I surf in different places in Russia (Sochi, Saint Petersburg, Kamchatka, Vladivostok), USA (California, New York), Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Portugal, Spain, France, Canary Islands, Norway, Italy, Morocco, Australia, Vietnam, Haiti, Maldives, Indonesia (Java, Bali, Lembongan). 

What’s you plans for the future? 

My plain is surf and travel. Discover new spots in Russia. We also work on film about surfing in our country – «Surfing in Siberia». We choose that name because of the stereotype. Almost all people think what all Russia is Siberia, but its not. 
Will compete in national and ISA events. 

Whats your surf and travelling plans for 2014? Will you compete in the Russian surf tour? Which places will you travel to? 

My planes is compete in Russian tour and in ISA world surfing games in Peru. Then we work on movie about surfing in Russia, want visit few different totally new and wild places places. Will be awesome. Also I will visit Bali, wave pool in Dubai and Norway again. Really want to come for swell during the summer in Italy and surf in a board shorts.  

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