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Surf school in Australia

About country
Australia is really surf country with huge population of surfers. Locaited between indian, pacific and south oceans. Australia is country wich is locaited on a mainland, Tasmania island and few more small islands around.  The country locaited in a south part of the earth and its why ...
All year round the surf school in Australia offer one month or longer stays for surfers looking to dramatically improve and reach their full potential under the constant guidance of a our coach.  
School coaches are recognised world-wide for their programs which have been finetuned while working with Team Australia, WCT surfers and hundreds of high profile junior surfers.
School, packages, prices
The Surf school in Australia is the world's first facility dedicated to the development of elite surfers and coaches. The two level centre of excellence features state of the art education facilities, surf specific gym, auditorium, offices, testing and treatment room, accommodation for 22 and has been designed in consultation with the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).
The surf school in Australia is based on the wave rich Northern New South Wales coastline at Casuarina Beach. This strategic location is 15 minutes south of the world class Gold Coast point breaks, but enough distance away to allow cutting edge training and coaching in idyllic conditions with uncrowded waves.
Road & tickets
The best way to get there is flight to OOL air port of Gold Coast. Camp orginize transfers from/to that airport. Be ready to long flight from Europe or America. Almost every citizens of other countries need visa to get there.
Reserve Room at School

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