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Surf camp in Tamarindo

About country
Costa Rica is a country with the most developed tourism in Central America. A few years ago, the government refused the army by sending all the money in eco tourism. Now Costa Rica has established a reputation as a safe place to stay with a quality level.  Surfing in Costa Rica is p...
Surf school in Costa Rica offer accommodation for any level of budget. It has a surf camp where you can stay in a bunk beds rooms, and in a private room. For those who do not want to save on accommodation and appreciate the comfort school offer hotel 4,5* or condos/villas.
Surf camp is located right in the town of Tamarindo. From Camp to the ocean 100 meters. Camp not offer full board packages, but there is a kitchen and you can cook yourself. Supermarkets within walking distance. If you do not want to cook, then there are plenty of cafes and restaurants. Living in surf camp is not necessarily rent a car, to all within easy walking distance .
School, packages, prices
Surf school in Costa Rica is located in Tamarindo, in the heart of the country surf life. Here, right at the beach in two hundred meters from camp school orginized classes for beginners. Instructor of the school is very attentive to the learning process and are certified by ISA. Your safety and comfort always comes first.

Education in the school of surfing in Costa Rica runs for six days a week. The rest of the time you will be able to visit different sites and change the activity. Offers a variety of options such as zip lane excursions, rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, horse riding, trekking and others. The package includes one lesson a day, but for extra pay you can take second lesson.
Costa Rica has long been recognized among surfers, as a place with one of the most consistent and high-quality waves in the world. Costa Rica has two different coasts and waves come from both sides. But the most popular side of course is the Pacific coast. This is where the concentration many famous spots.

In Costa Rica, there are all kinds of waves, reef and point break for advanced surfers. Beach breaks with sandy bottom spots for beginners and interestingly enough, there are many types of spots river mouth. Such waves are located directly across the river, and usually there is always a long and high-quality waves and sandy bottom.
Reserve Room at School

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