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Surf camp in Algarve

About country
Portugal - a country located on the edge of the world, where the ocean begins ... The country has a warm climate, especially in the southern part, which is called the Algarve. Here the average temperature is higher than in the rest of the country at 5 degrees and even in winter rarely drops below 1...

The surf camp in Portugal is based on a private villa, fully equipped with all amenities for a cool and familiar atmosphere, Satellite TV, Playstation, wi-fi, and Surf videos.

The house is located up a hill in a quiet place to rest and relax after the surf.

School, packages, prices

The surfcamp in Portugal is located in the Algarve, south part of country, between the main surf spots at 5 minutes from the south coast and 10 minutes from the west coast.

The instructors speak English, Portugese and Spanish.


The extreme southwest of Algarve is probably one of the best surf areas all year round, as waves break both on the Southern and Western coasts, always providing a surfing alternative within a maximum thirty minute drive according to the swell. The Algarve is also the warmest place in Portugal and the most tourist one, with plenty of night life and attractions.
We have a very large variety of waves including quality reef, point, and beach breaks!

Road & tickets
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Practical infos to get there :

You have several options to get to the surf camp coming from Faro Airport:

1) on your arrival if you need a lift from the Faro airport we can pick you up on Sundays (50€ for each lift) and drive you to the surf camp

Reserve Room at School

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